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Classical Education


Classical education combines the wisdom of the Church and the best of secular culture to teach a student to read well, write well, and think well.

It is the methodology that Eton, Oxford, and Cambridge have used to produce leaders for centuries. A classical, Christian education teaches a student to learn to know and love the wisdom of the church and the culture from which they have come, while equipping them to face the unique challenges of living in the 21st century.

How it Works

Classical education “cuts with the grain” of human nature and natural human development as God created it.  Since antiquity, mankind has identified seven areas of study which, when pursued, make men and women truly free to live fulfilling lives. The seven liberal arts (liberal here means "freeing") are grammar, logic, rhetoric (the Trivium, concerned with skill with words), and arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy (the Quadrivium, concerned with skill with numbers). Each class at each grade level at Saint Constantine develops students in multiple liberal arts simultaneously through studies of English, foreign language, science, math, history, music, physical education, and more. Through a robust, years-long study of these seven liberal arts, students become literate and numerate, freeing them to follow the Lord's calling in their lives wherever He may lead them.

Many of the educational options in America now emphasize achievement rather than cultivation of wisdom and virtue. The Saint Constantine School gives value and meaning to the achievements of the classroom by teaching students to pursue excellence with goodness, truth, and beauty. But rigorous study in a classical model of the seven liberal arts also results in highly skilled students who are ready to succeed in technical studies like engineering, medicine, and business. 

Classical Education at The Saint Constantine School

To this end, all of our students participate in a common course of study in a university-style, block schedule model. The Saint Constantine School immerses students in both eastern and western Christian wisdom, philosophy, history, and literature alongside a rigorous math, science, Latin and Greek program.

Students will also have the opportunity to study fine arts in studio art classes, music in choir and individualized lessons, athletics, and theater, through producing and acting in semi-annual school plays, as we seek to encourage and enliven all parts of the human soul in our students.